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James Rubio is a painter based out of Bushwick, Brooklyn.  Rubio studied photography at The School of The Art Institute of Chicago, but fell in love with painting and street art later in New York City. In 2006 Rubio joined the Antagonist Art Movement and began regularly exhibiting paintings at Niagara Bar.  He graduated to participating in international group shows and painting murals with fellow Antagonist Chris Yerington.  Their murals can be found in New York, Austin TX, Chihuahua MX, and Quito Ecuador.  Currently Rubio is painting solo; exploring notions of Love and Mortality through his Black Flowers Series.  

Artist Profile by Ethan Minsker 

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Born: San Francisco 1982  
Education:  School of The Art Institute of Chicago  

Solo Exhibitions:

January 2016                                                                                                                                                          Black Flowers; Flowers of Love and Death, Ideal Glass Gallery: NYC

June 2015
Black Birds & Flowers, The Wren Underground: New York, NY

August 2013  
Ruta 1 - 1.1: Terminal Santorini: Chihuahua, MX  
     Rubio / Yerington Contemporary Adult Music Mural and solo collaborative exhibition.
June 2013  
Summer School, SENA : NYC  
     Rubio / Yerington Collaborative exhibition
Selected Group Exhibitions:  

November 2014  
Grafff Festival de Arte Publico: Ambato, Ecuador  
      Flores Negras Mural  
  October 2014  
Festival de Arte Pasaje Victoria: Chihuahua MX  
     Group Exhibition  
March 2014  
Re-Create, Hope Outdoor Gallery: Austin, TX  
     Curated Mural Show  
November 2013  
This, La Estacion Gallery Pop Up Series : LES NYC  
     Group Exhibition
The Nave Museum: Victoria TX  
     Rubio / Yerington collaboration: Contemporary Adult Music Retablos on display.  
Grafff Festival de Arte Publico : Ambato, Ecuador  
     Collaboration Mural in Ambato  
October 2013  
Quito, Ecuador  
      Collaboration Mural                                                                                                                          Bushwick, NY  
      Collaboration Mural
La Mexicana : Chihuahua, MX  
      Group Exhibition
May 2013  
Ideal Glass Gallery, NYC  
      Collaborative Mural 22 e. 2nd st.                                                                                                             April 2013  
Victoria, TX                                                                                                                                                                    Collaborative Mural                                                                                                                                    Die Spieglung! Ausstellung Im Hda Kunstsalon: Berlin, Germany  
       Group Exhibition  
 Nov 2012  
Love Life Lust: Casa Redonda Museo de Arte Contemporeno. Chih, MX  
       Small series of paintings under the guidance of mentor Arturo Vega for his retrospective show.    
May 2011  
Lie Cheat Steal, OMR Gallery: Mexico City MX  
       James Rubio and Arturo Vega collaborative paintings at OMR.  
Feb 2011  
       Group Exhibition  
Nov. 2010  
Pop Up Lisboa: Lisboa, Portugal  
       Group Exhibition
Feb. 2010  
Never Records, NYC  
       Never Records Stage, Backdrop, and Wall painted for the legendary pop up record store art show.    
Oct. 2009  
Mindy Wyatt Gallery, NYC  
       Group Exhibition  
June 2008  
Dead Cat Gallery: Rhode Island  
      Behold The Antagonist!  
      Group Exhibition
Oct. 2007  
Matsul e.v,  Berlin, Germany  
      Group Exhibition

Selected Publications:
SELF MEDICATED feature length film
Psycho Moto Zine, Featured Artist June 2013
DOLLS OF LISBON, Feature Length Film
THIS IS BERLIN NOT NEW YORK, Feature Length Film  
Huge Japan No. 0037 August, several paintings photographed